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Genesis & Objective

The Society for Self Employment of Urban Youth, West Bengal having its registered office at 142, Lenin Sarani, Ground Floor, Kolkata-700013 was constituted by the Government of West Bengal under the administrative control of the Department of Sports & Youth Services, Govt. of West Bengal by Notification No. 870YS/O/1S-08/2004 dated 08.12.2004 and was registered un The Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961.

The Registration Number of the Society is S/IL/26674 of 2004-2005.

Object of the Society

(A) Main objects of the Society:

(i) To promote entrepreneurship and employment opportunities by sponsoring, implementing, administering, supervising and monitoring self-employment programmes for the urban youth as may be devised by the Society or transferred to the Society by the State Government, for putting into execution, with the assistance of the State government and various financial institutions.

(ii) To establish, run, supervise and monitor computer and other vocational training institutes/centres either independently or in collaboration with other agencies for enhancing the skill and efficiency of the unemployed/ underemployed urban youth in various trades, crafts and business towards generation of additional employment and income.

(B) Objects incidents, ancillary and conducive to the attainment of the main objects

(i) to borrow, or raise resources by issuance of bonds, debentures, promissory notes
or other securities, or receive grants for providing financial assistance by way of grants/ subsidies and/or loans in cash or kind towards promoting employment opportunities for the urban youth and creating necessary infrastructure thereof,

(ii) to invest surplus funds in securities and deposits with the Government PSUs, Banks etc.,

(iii) to arrange supply of necessary inputs for various trades and occupations and also to undertake various commercial activities including installation of machinery and equipment for hiring out to entrepreneurs,

(iv) to acquire, hold and possess properties, both movable and immovable, and to sell, lease or otherwise transfer or deal in any property with the approval of the State Government,

(v) to enter into any contract with any agency for due discharge of its functions and to take over or amalgamate with any other institution whose objects are similar to the objects of the society with prior sanction of the State Government,

(vi) to co-opt representatives of banks, financial institutions etc. in required committees for smooth implementation of the programmes,

(vii) to resolve problems and remove bottlenecks for, ensuring effective implementations of the programmes,

(viii) to help and guide the entrepreneurs and trainees towards their self-employment in right direction,

(ix) to assist the recovery of loan component granted to eligible entrepreneurs,

(x) to prepare a data-bank in respect of successful entrepreneurs and trainees under the programmes undertaken by the Society,

(xi) to help and encourage the unemployed youth of this State for entrepreneurship development, vocational training and self-employment,

(xii) to compile data for urban self-employment beneficiaries under various schemes,

(xiii) to tie-up between the employment generation programmes with the would be beneficiaries,

(xiv) to develop course curriculum for new trades and upgrade existing course curriculum of existing trades from time to time used in Self-Employment Programmes. Creation of infrastructure for new trades, fixing educational qualification of trainers, market survey etc. in collaboration with concerned Department/ Agencies may also be looked after in this Society as and when req u i red,

(xv) to steer and monitor self-employment schemes in the urban areas and also identifying thrust areas of self-employment,

(xvi) to undertake all such activities as are incidental to and conducive to the attainment of all or any of the above objects,

(xvii) to discharge such other functions and execute such other programmes as may be transferred to and conferred on the Society by the Union Government/State Government from time to time including all functions as may be supplemental, incidental or consequential thereto.


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