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Funding Pattern

Funding Pattern

Subject to fulfillment of all other conditions.

i) a) The State Government shall provide a subsidy/grant of 30% of the project cost, subject to a maximum of Rs.1,50,000/-( Rupees One lakh Fifty thousand) only in case of individual schemes (Atma Maryada) and a maximum of Rs.3,50,000.00 (Rupees Three lakhs Fifty thousand) only in case of group scheme (Atma Samman).

b) 5% of the project cost shall be provided by the entrepreneur as margin money.

c) The balance 65% of the project cost or the amount as may be required after deducting the entrepreneur's contribution and Government subsidy from the total project cost will be provided by bank or West Bengal Financial Corporation or any other financial institutions as term loan and/or working capital loan.

d) No Government subsidy/grant shall be provided on working capital, which may be required subsequent to the initial operationalisation of the scheme whether in manufacture, trade or service sector. The banks, however, may extend loan for working capital etc. for subsequent requirement of the entrepreneur after the project has been operationalised.

e) No Government subsidy/grant shall be provided for cash credit as their is no provision for cash credit under scheme.

ii) For SSI units of tiny scale, no collateral security other than hypothecation of plant and machinery or any other asset procured for the project will be required for the loan component upto Rs.5 lakhs of the project cost. For units of non-SSI sectors such as service, trade etc. no collateral security will be required for the loan component of upto Rs.l lakh of the project cost.



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