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Engagement of Prakalpa Sahayak

The Society for Self Employment of Unemployed Youth, West Bengal will engage Prakalpa Sahayaks. The engagement of Prakalpa Sahayak shall be purely on ad hoc basis and temporary in nature. The engagement may be renewed from time to time at the discretion of Society for Self Employment of Unemployed Youth, West Bengal. Such engagement shall not entitle the Prakalpa Sahayaks to any claim / right for any kind of employment under the Society / State Govt. in any manner whatsoever. The engagement of Prakalpa Sahayaks may be terminated at any time without assigning any reason whatsoever. The Prakalpa Sahayaks shall be entitled to only performance - related incentive, as may be decided by the Department of Self-Help Group & Self- Employment from time to time on production of Form -'C' as shown in 'Annexure-I'.

Prakalpa Sahayaks, engaged temporarily for implementation of Swami Vivekananda Karmasansthan Prakalpa, shall be paid incentive at the following rates :

a) For every case sponsored by motivators, there will be an incentive of Rs.100/- for each  case.

b) For every case sanctioned by the banks, additional incentive will be of Rs.200/-.

c) For every case disbursted by banks there will be a further incentive @ 0.2% of project cost sanctioned by banks.

d) Moreover, as and when the repayment begins, the Prakalpa Sahayaks shall get 1.5% of the total amount recovered plus Rs.1,000/- as bonus for timely and complete recovery of loan in each case.

In order to receive payment on account of incentives, the Prakalpa Sahayaks shall submit claims in Form - `C' as shown in `Annexure - I' at least once in every quarter, irrespective of the total amount of claims for the period for consideration.


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